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Volume 536 | 2023

Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Deep Clay Formations: 40 Years of RD&D in the Belgian URL HADES

Edited By:

X. L. Li, EIG EURIDICE, Belgium

M. Van Geet, ONDRAF/NIRAS, Belgium

C. Bruggeman, SCK CEN, Belgium and

M. De Craen, EIG EURIDICE, Belgium

Title description

Free Access24 August 2023


Open Access20 June 2023

Supporting ONDRAF/NIRAS' safety statements

Open Access20 February 2023
Open Access23 February 2023
Open Access31 January 2023
Open Access20 February 2023
Open Access20 June 2023
  • Bruno Kursten,
  • Sébastien Caes,
  • Valdir de Souza, and
  • Roberto Gaggiano
Open Access11 January 2023
Open Access20 February 2023

Supporting ONDRAF/NIRAS' feasibility statements

Open Access16 February 2023
Open Access22 May 2023
  • Arnaud Dizier,
  • Marc Scibetta,
  • Gilles Armand,
  • Jad Zghondi,
  • Temenuga Georgieva,
  • Guangjing Chen,
  • Jan Verstricht,
  • Xiangling Li,
  • Didier Léonard, and
  • Severine Levasseur
Open Access15 March 2023
  • Jan Verstricht,
  • Dries Nackaerts,
  • Xiang Ling Li,
  • Didier Leonard,
  • Séverine Levasseur, and
  • Maarten Van Geet

Supporting international RD&D programmes

Open Access17 February 2023
Open Access23 May 2023
Open Access9 March 2023
  • Christophe Nussbaum,
  • Frédéric Bernier,
  • Nele Bleyen,
  • Paul Bossart,
  • Christophe Bruggeman,
  • Pierre De Cannière,
  • Thomas Fierz,
  • David Jaeggi,
  • Bernard Neerdael,
  • Elie Valcke, and
  • Geert Volckaert
Open Access20 February 2023
  • Frédéric J. Bernier,
  • Valéry Detilleux,
  • Frank Lemy,
  • Guillaume M. Pochet,
  • Maryna Surkova,
  • Geert Volckaert, and
  • Chantal Mommaert
Open Access14 June 2023


Open Access9 January 2023
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