Research article
19 June 2014

Relationships between basin architecture, basin closure, and occurrence of sulphide-bearing schists: an example from Tampere Schist Belt, Finland

Publication: Journal of the Geological Society
Volume 171
Pages 659 - 671


We present field observations from the Palaeoproterozoic volcano-sedimentary Tampere palaeobasin, where the primary structures have been exceptionally well preserved. We use the observations to construct a new tectonic model for the southeastern margin of the Tampere basin during its inversion and subsequent closure. The observed volcano-sedimentary and structural features suggest a change in the local structural style from thick-skinned inversion to thin-skinned thrusting, to accommodate the crustal shortening during basin closure. Furthermore, it is suggested that there is a genetic relationship between the interpreted palaeothrust and the sulphide-bearing schist horizons in the study area. On a more general note, the results imply that currently subvertical mineralized shear zones may have originally been gently dipping, further suggesting that the mineralized fluids may not necessarily have been sourced from great depths (i.e. from deep within the basement).

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Published In

cover image Journal of the Geological Society
Journal of the Geological Society
Volume 171Number 5September 2014
Pages: 659 - 671


Received: 25 October 2013
Accepted: 15 March 2014
Published online: 19 June 2014
Published: September 2014



H. Kalliomäki
University of Helsinki, Department of Geosciences and Geography, PO Box 64, University of Helsinki, Helsinki FI-00014, Finland
University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
J. Moreau
University of Copenhagen, Department of Geography and Geology, Øster Voldgade 10, 1350 Copenhagen, Denmark
Y. Kähkönen
University of Helsinki, Department of Geosciences and Geography, PO Box 64, University of Helsinki, Helsinki FI-00014, Finland


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